NC2 launches International brand in Brazil

NC2 is launching the International truck brand in Brazil with two vehicles. The heavy-duty International 9800i will be available in November 2010, and the semi-heavy-duty International DuraStar will be available beginning in 2011.

Both vehicles come with a one-year, unlimited mileage guarantee, with an extended warranty option for engines and other systems. Both are backed by a dealer network and parts and service support.

The 9800i tractor being offered in Brazil comes equipped with an 11-liter, 417-hp electronic engine, with 2010 Nm of torque, reduced exhaust system temperature, and a engine compression brake of up to 395 hp.

This tractor offers two traction options — 6×2 and 6×4 — and GCW (gross combined weight) of 57 and 74 tons, respectively. It comes with an Eaton FTS-20112L synchronized transmission. With its 13 forward gears, it combines the sturdiness of the transmission on International models with the easy gear-shifting of an automobile. It also has a double countershaft.

Completing the 9800i's powertrain is the new Eaton 430, single dry friction disk, with organic coating and low-effort hydro-pneumatic action. The 9800i also comes with Meritor MT46-160 and MS23-185 rear axles and with four (6×4) or six (6×2) channel ABS brakes as standard.

Available in 4×2, 6×2, and 6×4 versions, the DuraStar offers a MaxxForce branded MWM 7.2-liter, 260-hp, Euro III electronic engine, with 900 Nm of torque.

DuraStar's multiplex electrical system both distributes electrical current and provides vehicle information. The technology is fully programmable for automating tasks and reduces the time spent on diagnosing electrical problems by up to 20%. The steering wheel switches can be used to show the codes of electrical failures. The advanced system also comes with an integration module for external bodywork equipment, which facilitates connections and reduces the need for cutting and modifying wiring by vehicle body builders.

DuraStar is equipped with Meritor axles and offers two transmission options:

  • An Eaton FS6406A, six-gear transmission, with boosted synchronizer technology that reduces the effort needed to shift gears by up to 48% in the 4×2 and 6×2.

  • The RT8908LL 10-gear box, with a tractor gear for heavy work on the 6×4.

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