Narrowlift Fits in Limited Mounting Space

DEL Liftgates offers the Narrowlift liftgate for medium-duty trucks. Narrowlift solves side-mounting situations such as rear wheel interference or a small trailer door, while providing a 56" lift capability to accommodate a larger ground-to-truck lifting distance.

Available in either a side- or back-mounted design, the Narrowlift includes a safety "Levelride" feature that keeps payloads level throughout the entire travel of the gate, and is chain-and-sprocket-driven to provide safety and eliminate the need for replacements in case of cable failure. Other standard features include a toggle control and anti-skid treadplate platform. The Narrowlift is available in 1,250- to 3,000-lb capacities, and fits most medium-duty trucks. It provides above-floor capability to reach loading docks up to 46" high.

All liftgates are covered by a three-year warranty from date of purchase.

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