MXL driveline availability to be expanded

ArvinMeritor Inc will expand the availability of its MXL (Meritor Extended Lube) driveline to the North American aftermarket.

This driveline was designed for truck operators who want reduced maintenance costs — up to $340 per truck in total service costs — and a longer warranty. The MXL is supplied with the same product ratings and application guidelines as the Meritor 17N, 176N, and 18N series. A new 16N series for medium-duty vehicles will be available in spring 2011.

This series of greaseable drivelines — with 100,000-mile lubrication intervals and a three-year, 300,000-mile warranty in linehaul service — was introduced as an original equipment component in March 2009. It joins the RPL permanently lubricated driveline in the Meritor family of driveline products for commercial vehicles.

The main and interaxle slip assemblies combine an advanced nitrile seal to keep contaminants out with a protective guard that resists road debris, increasing slip assembly operating life. The U-joint builds upon the Meritor RN series design. Its needle-bearing package with contoured ends minimize axial (side) loading, and the glass-reinforced nylon thrust washer prevents metal-to-metal contact.

The MXL's RN Series yoke configurations are compatible with other industry standard yokes, making them completely interchangeable with most greaseable drivelines in linehaul use. Truck operators may standardize on a single, greaseable driveline regardless of vehicle make or model. The product is available with both easy-service and full round yoke designs.

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