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MGM provides four publications that address various braking topics

MGM Brakes' Welded Yoke Spring Brake Models brochure (Form #5064) is now available. This brochure describes why only welded yoke actuators should be used if replacement is necessary.

The company's Neoprene Diaphragm Flyer/Brochure (Form #5063) details beneficial characteristics of neoprene material and lists available part numbers including piggybacks, piggyback plus kits, service chambers, and tandem spring brakes having diaphragms manufactured of this material.

MGM's HD (Heavy-Duty) Spring Brake Models brochure (Form #5033) outlines features and benefits of these models that have a heavy-duty power spring for added parking force.

A revised Fast Brake Trouble-Shooting Guide (Form #5003) helps keep vehicles on the road and out of the garage by answering the most common braking questions and providing likely solutions. This guide contains detailed text, complemented by graphics. Questions about Long Stroke spring brake chambers have been added, as well as an index and a list of related publications.

These publications may be downloaded from the MGM web site ( Click the “Publications” button, then scroll down to find the brochure. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view/print the PDF file.

Hard copies of brochures can be requested by scrolling further down the publications list and clicking on the “Order Publications” button.

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