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Maverick LS trailers built for smaller operations

M H Eby Inc's Maverick LS Series livestock trailers have been designed for small- to mid-size farm, ranch, and livestock operations. The new Maverick LS models feature a reduced width of 6'-5" for improved visibility and handling, and they are designed to be pulled with lighter-duty trucks or SUVs.

The Maverick LS line includes bumper hitch trailers with floor lengths of 13' or 16' and inside heights of 6'-6" or 7', as well as 16' floor length gooseneck trailers with an inside height of either 6'-6" or 7'.

Maverick LS trailers are built with aluminum crossmembers, top and bottom rails, side posts and slats, center partition, aerodynamic front end, side door, rear frame, and rear door. Included as standard is a .125"-thick flat aluminum diamondplate floor. Other standard features include a one-piece .040"-thick aluminum roof, electric brakes, tire carrier, full-width rubber dock bumper, two skid plates at rear, inside sealed-beam dome light, and exterior lights per DOT requirements.

For more details, contact Eby, 1194 Main St, PO Box 127, Blue Ball PA 17506.

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