Maintainer Corp Observes 25th Anniversary

Maintainer Corp of Iowa Inc is celebrating 25 years in business. In 1976, the firm designed and built the first Basic Maintainer Body (BMT) to service equipment in the field. The BMT was a flatbed with a behind-cab-mounted, fixed-boom crane.

In 1981, Maintainer designed the first one-ton pressurized storage system service body with 6,000-lb-capacity hydraulic telescoping boom crane. The company designed a two-ton version with 8,000-lb-capacity crane in 1984. A two-ton lubrication body then was developed, first with an air pump distribution system and then a hydraulic pump fluid distribution system.

The crane product line was expanded to include lift capacities of 3,500 through 14,000 pounds and closed-center hydraulics were added for simultaneous multiple-function operation. In 1988, lube skids were introduced, with one-ton lube bodies coming in 1989. In 1997, Maintainer entered the electric crane market with the 2,000-lb, 12-volt electric E-Z Pick crane. Maintainer's newest product is the service/lube combination body.

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