Mack ranks as 2009's top truck exporter

Mack Trucks Inc finished 2009 as the leading exporter of heavy-duty North American trucks. It had nearly one-third of total truck exports from the United States, Canada, and Mexico to countries outside North America, with a 30.8% market share.

The company has made strategic moves to grow its presence in new and existing markets around the world, and to satisfy the desire for American-style trucks in many countries. This demand is particularly strong for construction and heavy-haul applications, and Mack is well-positioned to meet this demand via its extensive product range and access to the infrastructure of its parent company, the Volvo Group.

Mack's ability to draw upon the Volvo Group's existing global infrastructure, with efficient logistics, strong dealers, and expanded customer financing, is an advantage in entering new markets. In addition, Mack's products complement the offerings of other Volvo Group business areas, such as Volvo Construction Equipment. A customer already purchasing construction equipment from VCE might also operate dump trucks or equipment transporters.

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