Machine copes well with required contours

Required contours are no problem for the RD1000-5 beam coping machine from Vernet Behringer. With a torch holder capable of 360° rotation, requirements such as up, down, or sideways are easily met. A self-contained unit that uses minimal floor space, the RD1000-5 is embedded in a flat-bed gantry mounted on a welded construction. Its design permits the RD1000-5 to cut a variety of different shapes — from rectangular through round and skewed to special shapes.

The flat-bed gantry design of the RD1000-5 eliminates any problem cutting directly at the flanges above and below the web and also on both sides. When the flame-cutting unit is programmed for work at the flanges, the torch nozzle can be swiveled to ±45° to allow preparations for welding. The control system permits all the axes to be monitored, programmed, and controlled numerically from the control desk.For complete information, contact Behringer, Morgantown Business Park, 721 Hemlock Rd, Morgantown PA 19543.

TAGS: Fabrication
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