MAC introduces smooth-wall trailer

MAC Trailer unveiled two smooth-wall designs — a moving floor transfer trailer and a dump — both using hollow-core extrusions that are 10" wide and 1½" deep that are placed horizontally from the front to the rear of the body.

Two grades of horizontal panels are available. Walls of the standard MAC hollow-core extrusion (.155" outside and .095" inside) form three voids. The optional heavy-duty extrusion has six voids, and wall thicknesses are .125" inside and .175" outside.

Besides the improved fuel savings from the reduced aerodynamic drag of the smooth-wall design, MAC claims that the 6061 extrusions provide stronger walls with less denting and greater wear resistance. The show models had the optional polished finish. MAC Trailer Manufacturing, 14599 Commerce St, Alliance OH 44601.

TAGS: Trailers
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