LVD Strippit debuts cutting system

LVD Strippit introduces its patented Adaptive Laser Cutting (ALC) system, technology that provides real-time monitoring and feedback control of the laser cutting process to achieve high productivity, quality control, and reduced scrap.

The development of ALC continues LVD's history of innovation in the field of machine intelligence and real-time in-process control systems, such as the company's patented Easy-Form Laser bend angle monitoring and correction system introduced in 2002, which assures consistent, accurate bending from the first to the last part.

ALC uses a dynamic feedback system to monitor and regulate laser power, speed, and assist gas pressure in real time during the cutting process, automatically optimizing cutting parameters and ensuring a consistently accurate cut.

ALC does not rely on pre-defined parameters but measures and adapts in process to achieve optimal cutting results.

This system is particularly useful when processing thicker mild steels in an unmanned environment. In such applications, machine speed is often restricted to ensure reliability and account for potential variations in material properties, limiting productivity and increasing cost per part. ALC automatically adjusts to changing conditions, processing at the highest speed with the most efficiency and so alleviates the need to restrict or control the laser cutting system, providing up to a 10% increase in productivity. Consistently accurate processing also eliminates scrap or rework of expensive thicker materials.

ALC is now a standard feature on select models of Impuls Series laser cutting machines.

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