LEI adds workshop to training program

The Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI) has added a new workshop on pull systems to its training program on lean production methods for manufacturers and suppliers in the Western United States. This program is offered Feb 24-26, 2004, from 8 am to 4 pm at the Hyatt Regency Los Angeles (CA).

Set for February 25, the new Creating Level Pull workshop will demonstrate how to implement a lean pull system in which each production activity requests precisely the materials it needs from the previous activity and where demand from the customer is leveled at the downstream end of the facility.

The complete workshop schedule is:

  • Value-Stream Mapping (February 24): a fundamental initial step that creates the blueprint for applying other lean tools and running kaizen events.

  • Mixed-Model Value Streams (February 24): learn how to apply value-stream mapping and lean in complex, high-variety environments.

  • Creating Continuous Flow (February. 25): get the full benefits from production cells, including the critical pacemaker process, by focusing on the human factors of the operation and how to balance the work to take time.

  • Creating Level Pull (February 25)

  • Making Materials Flow (February 26): sustain continuous flow cells and lines with a dependable just-in-time material handling system for purchased parts that uses timed delivery routes, pull signals, and a plan for every part.

For curriculum details, visit www.lean.org and click on Training or phone 617-713-2900.

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