Labelmaster provides labels, markings for new international hazmat regulations

On January 1, 2009, new international regulations for transporting hazardous materials by air and vessel took effect. New marking requirements and revisions to existing ones are included in the regulations. Labels and markings compliant with the new regulations are now being offered by Labelmaster.

The Revised Excepted Quantities Label is required on all packages containing excepted quantities of dangerous goods shipped by air and vessel. This paper label includes an area for the primary hazard class or division, and the name of the shipper or consignee, if necessary.

Revised Excepted Quantities Labels are available in paper rolls of 500 for $47.57, paper personalized rolls of 500 for $430, and laser imprintable, four labels per sheet, 100 sheets for $69. For more information on these labels, visit (paper labels).

The Revised Cargo Aircraft Only Label is required on all packaging containing dangerous goods that are authorized to be shipped only on cargo aircraft. The old version will still be authorized for use until December 31, 2012.

Revised Cargo Aircraft Labels are available in paper rolls of 100 for $10.25, paper rolls of 500 for $49.93, paper packs of 50 for $7.72, and vinyl rolls of 500 for $86.57. For more information on this label, visit (paper roll of 500) or (vinyl roll of 500).

The Lithium Battery Handling Label is required on certain packaging carrying lithium ion batteries or lithium metal batteries by aircraft. This paper label has space to designate whether the packaging contains a lithium ion battery or lithium metal battery and a contact phone number as required by the regulations.

Lithium Battery Handling Labels are available in paper rolls of 500 for $57.90, and personalized paper rolls of 500 for $75. For more information on the label, visit (paper roll of 500).

The Environmentally Hazardous Substance Marking replaces the current Marine Pollutant Marking requirement for certain vessel shipments of dangerous goods. The marking will now be required for air shipments of certain packages containing environmentally hazardous substances under UN3077 and UN3082. The old version of the Marine Pollutant Marking may be used until January 1, 2010.

Environmental Hazardous Substance Markings are available in 100 x 100mm permanent vinyl in rolls of 500 for $92.82, or packs of 25 for $12.40; and 273 × 273 mm in removable vinyl for .86 each; or rigid vinyl for $2.99 each, minimum qty 25. For more information on the marking, visit (permanent vinyl roll of 500) or (removable vinyl pack of 25).

For additional information on compliance products for shipping hazardous goods, visit To order, call 1-800-621-5808 or email [email protected].

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