Kwik-Link linkage kits come in two sizes

Dayton Air Control Products (DACP), manufacturer of the King of the Road line of height control products, recently announced a new line of height control and leveling valve linkage kits, called Kwik-Link, for the OEM market and aftermarket replacements.

These adjustable length linkage kits come in two sizes and present new technology; no cutting is required so labor is reduced. These control links are designed with high quality steel and lined elastomer bushing system for long life. This link adjusts and installs with ease: simply loosen two screws, slide the links to the desired length, and tighten the screws.

The kits were developed in response to fleet owners seeking a quality link that could be quickly installed in the field.

Kwik-Link's advantages include:

  • No cutting required

  • Fast and safe — adjust and install

  • Withstands high-impact shock

  • Allows +/- 10 degrees of torsional rotation

  • Provides vibration and shock noise attenuation to increase valve life

  • Replaces most brands of OEM and aftermarket links

DACP specializes in air suspension control systems to meet the needs of specific applications. Its height control valves are used in special applications such as trailers, specialty vehicles, RVs, buses, motorhomes, and industrial equipment requiring vibration and/or height control.

Access for more information.

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