Kenworth shows concept van

Kenworth shows concept van

This concept truck from Kenworth is designed for improved aerodynamics.This concept truck from Kenworth is designed for improved aerodynamics. It is based on a European-built cabover chassis and a PACCAR van body.

KENWORTH unveiled a prototype-concept truck that integrates a European-style cabover chassis with its own van body to produce a Class 6 and 7 truck with enhanced aerodynamics.

“This has been tested, and I will tell you it has definitely shown fuel improvements over your standard box,” said Doug Powell, medium-duty marketing manager. “A lot of work has been done to prove this out, and a lot of real-world testing has been done to prove this out.”

It has a North American chassis with 34-inch frame-rail spacing, PACCAR PX-6 engine, Allison automatic transmission, Horz X-over exhaust, and five wheelbase options from 166 to 214 inches.

The frame rails will be 9⅞" × ¼" 120K steel, or 10¼" × ¼" 120K steel. It has a 45-gallon rectangular fuel tank located on the left side, with the 6.6-gallon rectangular DEF tank just behind it.

The cab has an 82.5"-wide interior space to cater to three people, and comes standard with an air-suspended driver's seat and a passenger bench seat with storage underneath.

Kenworth also has introduced NavPlus, which is now available for order on Kenworth Class 5-8 trucks.

NavPlus, a PACCAR proprietary navigation and business technology system, is standard on Kenworth trucks with all premium interior trim offerings and on Kenworth diesel-electric hybrid vehicles. The system is available as an optional upgrade with all other Kenworth interior trim packages.

The factory-installed, in-dash system is designed for life on the road. At the heart of NavPlus is an on-board navigation system that provides drivers with true truck-optimized routes from Garmin, customized to truck and load specifications. The system also offers information about height and weight limits so drivers can steer clear of restricted roads and streets.

It integrates Bluetooth wireless technology with a built-in microphone and speaker. Drivers can pair it with their compatible Bluetooth phone and talk hands-free. The system, which is voice-recognition-enabled for phone dialing, logs phone calls, imports contact information, and enables text messaging for those using a Bluetooth device. Drivers can hear the calls through the cab's sound system.

NavPlus also offers audio controls (including satellite-enabled radio, AM/FM, CD, MP3 and USB), and camera inputs for up to four optional video cameras for monitoring the truck and trailer. An optional cellular modem allows drivers to connect to Sprint, which provides mobile connectivity services, meaning that means when the truck is parked and not in motion, the driver can access the Internet to look up favorite websites to search for loads, news and weather updates, and check personal email.

NavPlus and all of its features and benefits now are showcased on a special Kenworth NavPlus Website ( that offers a six-minute video that explains and demonstrates how it works. The website's interactive feature enables fleet managers and drivers to discover the system's capabilities by clicking through the key menus and icons on the NavPlus system's dashboard screen.

The new website also includes a downloadable NavPlus online brochure, operating manual, Garmin navigation users guide, Sprint Broadband information and phone compatibility guide, and diagnostic guide.

Two other new products:

  • Neway ADZ rear suspension from SAF-Holland for heavy-duty and severe-duty applications.

    “The big advantage is substantial weight reduction,” said Alan Fennimore, vocational marketing manager. “Neway was able to come back and take out almost 250 pounds per axle out of the suspension over the current axle.”

    The ADZ suspension is for typical heavy-duty applications, such as construction trucks, loggers, and fire apparatus and emergency vehicles. The suspension also is for severe-duty applications where heavy vertical loads, high gross combination weights, high-torque drivetrains, high center of gravity loads, and significant off-road travel are expected.

    Available in 23,000-pound and 26,000-pound capacities per axle, the Neway ADZ is engineered for independent, single-suspension mounting that allows for single, tandem or tridem axle truck or tractor applications.

    The ADZ series, which replaces the AD series suspension for over-the-road applications, incorporates a simplified light weight V-rod construction that replaces the traditional track and torque rods. A new integral lower control arm module provides improved roll stability for high center-of-gravity load vehicles.

    Kenworth is offering the Neway ADZ series suspension for the Kenworth C500, T440, T470, T800, and W900.

  • Fabco power take-off option on the two-speed transfer case for all-wheel drive Kenworth T270 Class 6 and T370 Class 7 models.

Kenworth says it is the first in the industry to offer a factory-installed PTO output drive on the transfer case on a medium-duty chassis.

It especially serves customers in oil field, fire and rescue, hydro-excavation, vacuum truck, well-drilling and high-rate fluid transfer applications.

The PTO output drive, which is located on the upper rear of the transfer case, comes with shift-control interlocks to help safeguard PTO operation. When specified with an Allison transmission, a special split shift PTO programming package is included to help ensure maximum system protection and effectiveness when shifting in and out of PTO mode.

The new PTO, which produces up to 2,200 ft-lbs of torque using 250 hp, runs up to 3500 rpm.

The PACCAR van body includes a translucent roof.The PACCAR van body includes a translucent roof. Note the slight curve to the roofline, a feature designed to smooth airflow.

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