Karmak celebrates 25 years in business

Karmak Inc is celebrating its 25th year of providing business management software systems to heavy-duty truck parts distributors, dealers, manufacturers, service shops, lease/rental facilities, and fleets.

Incorporated Dec 31, 1981, Karmak began in response to the need for useful software to handle the specific needs of heavy-duty trucking. Schien Body and Equipment employees Richard Schien and Alan Weller collaborated to design and build a software system from the ground up. Schien soon formed Karmak and began marketing a computer system to heavy-duty businesses from the Carlinville IL location.

In July 1997, Karmak purchased RINFO Inc, and with it acquired the INFO 5 heavy-duty business system for truck and trailer dealers. RINFO became the second branch of Karmak, and is located in Springfield MO.

Karmak now supports more than 500 customers at about 1,800 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

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