Kögel offering telematics on its trailers

The trailer manufacturer Kögel and WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE: WBC), are extending their long-time partnership. In future, Kögel will offer, as an option, the TrailerGUARD telematic system by WABCO under the name Kögel Telematics, providing real-time access to trailer location, cooling, and trailer EBS data.

Using a web-based portal or a fleet management system, fleets also can track tire pressure, brake wear, the reading on the odometer, the temperature inside the refrigerated body, the open or closed status of the doors, the axle load, information from the electronic braking system (EBS) and other operational functions.

The Kögel Telematics signals door openings and changes in weight of 1%, making it much easier to identify loss of cargo. The trailer telematics system can be integrated to multiple fleet management systems or accessed via a web portal.

Kögel is based in Burtenbach, Germany.

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