International unveils Diamond Logic Builder

INTERNATIONAL Truck and Engine Corp used the Truck Product Conference to focus on its Diamond Logic Builder body integration software, the latest upgrade to the Diamond Logic electrical system.

Bob Dannenburg said customers in the utility and construction industry will be among the first to benefit from Diamond Logic Builder, a tool that provides the capability to create exclusive software features for the Electrical System Control (ESC) module on International trucks.

It allows customers to customize the installation, control, and maintenance of specialized body equipment. Using an easy-to-operate graphical interface, users can write software unique to their company and their application, streamlining the installation and operation of International utility and construction vehicles.

When Diamond Logic electrical systems were first introduced, International provided a platform that allowed the engine, transmission, cab, and body to communicate seamlessly through an integrated electrical system. Diamond Logic Builder basically lets customers determine how that communication takes place by customizing equipment applications unique to their business.

Developed after close collaboration with International dealers and Truck Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) from a variety of applications, the system enables body builders to develop a custom logic solution with very little effort, eliminating the use of third-party body control modules or “Relay Logic” designs. Software developed using the Diamond Logic Builder program is re-useable and may be applied to multiple vehicles in a fleet. International provides hardware modules that are factory installed and pre-wired; users of the tool then create a custom software solution that satisfies body control requirements.

For example, some more sophisticated applications require TEMs to employ a master switch and load sequencing functions. Once a master switch is turned on, all controlled outputs are enabled one at a time. When the master switch is turned off, all controlled outputs are shut off one at a time. The Diamond Logic Builder tool provides the framework to implement this time-delayed control of outputs using software instead of expensive add-on third-party modules.

The Diamond Logic electrical system, the first of its kind in the industry, was first introduced in International 4000, 7000, and 8000 Series trucks. The flexible, and expandable, technology enabled complete vehicle integration, connecting the engine, transmission, cab, and body into a single, smart electrical architecture.

That first stage of the Diamond Logic electrical system introduced new technologies in components such as solid state power switches, self-calibrating gauges and low current switch devices used for driver controls, like rocker switches and HVAC controls. The system remained expandable through the use of remotely mounted power modules and air solenoid modules.

The Diamond Logic electrical system provides self-diagnosing intelligent modules that identify problems in the operation of a truck or its equipment, and help reduce overall repair troubleshooting time by as much as 80%. In the case of utility and construction fleet managers and technicians, that level of efficiency equates to improved reliability, wider intervals between maintenance, and a longer vehicle lifespan.

International expanded the system in 2002 by offering Diamond Logic Application Solutions, the next evolution of the platform. At this stage, it streamlined customer productivity by allowing the end user or equipment manufacturer — collaborating with an International dealership — to order factory installed electrical features that are specifically targeted at controlling body equipment. This evolution allowed equipment parameters to be programmed among a set of pre-determined tasks, automating and customizing the truck's performance. With the ability to electronically control operating limits, the potential for equipment damage is significantly reduced.

The primary goals of the initial stages of the Diamond Logic electrical system were better durability, simplified maintenance, and lower operating costs, but Diamond Logic Builder, the third advancement of the platform, goes a step further by streamlining truck chassis and body equipment integration and performance.

DT 466 changes

International also devoted time at the conference to discuss the new DT 466 engine.

It has an I-6 cylinder configuration, 7.6L/466 cubic inch displacement, and wet sleeve block design like the previous DT 466, but has four valves per cylinder instead of two, a dry weight of 1480 instead of 1425, oil capacity of 32 quarts instead of 30, and a horsepower range of 210-300 instead of 195-250.

Other changes: torque range of 520-860 instead of 520-800, and a top-mounted fuel filter instead of bottom-mounted.

The new engine has an integrated fuel filter-water separator, water in fuel sensor (WIF) and high-performance priming pump as standard, and optional electronic fuel restriction sensor.

Its durability and reliability are tied to a new plate type oil cooler, new rear crank seal carrier, new internal high-pressure oil rail, new high-pressure oil pump with variable displacement, wet replaceable cylinder sleeves, and positive valve rotators.

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