International to offer 11- and 13-liter engines in 2007

International Truck and Engine Corp. has announced that it would initially launch two big bore engine models in the fall of 2007, an 11-liter and a 13-liter model.

The new models will be offered exclusively in the International ProStar line-haul tractors, 8600 regional haul tractors and 7000 Series severe service Internationals. The new, single overhead-cam design engine is the first product to result from a previously announced agreement between International and the German manufacturer, MAN Nutfahrzeuge to collaborate on the design, development, sourcing and manufacturing of components and systems for commercial trucks and diesel engines.

The new engine's compacted graphite (CG) iron engine block, which has been used in NASCAR racing, is 70% stronger and 40% stiffer, with double the fatigue limit of gray iron, according to International, properties that are expected to result in weight savings of hundreds of pounds while still providing the desired durability. The high-pressure, common-rail electronic fuel system plus a unique ribbed design on the block and pad-mounted accessories are expected to help make this new big bore extremely quiet, too. Horsepower ratings will range from 300 hp to 450-plus hp.

International also announced that it would continue to offer Cummins and Caterpillar alternatives in its Class 8 vehicles.

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