International launches vocational Web site

International Truck and Engine Corporation today launched a new vocation-specific web site,, to assist government customers in the specing process. The site aims to be a complete educational and informational resource for professionals who are new to the spec process as well as seasoned veterans. "This site brings everything needed during the bid writing process to your fingertips, which is critical for those who do specs in this vocation," said Steve Keate, president, truck group, International Truck and Engine Corporation. "In many cases, we have heard from our customers that they don't have enough specific information to write a bid correctly. We built this site to address that challenge." In addition to standard information about International products and services, customers can also access the following:-- Dealer Checklist: Provides list of questions and information to have ready before visiting a dealership. -- Spec By Spec: Guides spec writers through each part of the truck, including front axle, engine, transmission, chassis, etc. by addressing key considerations for each. Also, leads writers to in-depth data and body builder books that contain the same information available to International(r) dealers. -- Sample Bid Specs: For beginners, this section provides examples of how to lay out a spec bid, specific line items that should be included and other basic information. -- Competitive Comparisons: Section provides side-by-side comparisons of International products with major competitors. -- Municipal Leases: Offers alternatives for obtaining equipment amidst tightening budgets and increased road maintenance needs, including details on International's tax exempt leasing program and a calculator for estimating expenditures.

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