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International expedites opening of Shreveport center to accommodate businesses affected by Katrina

In order to help the rebuilding efforts in the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Katrina's devastation, International Truck and Engine Corporation has expedited the opening of the Used Truck Center Shreveport in Louisiana and announced a special purchase program for customers in the affected area.

The grand opening of the International Used Truck Center Shreveport was not scheduled until late fall, but because of the dire need for trucks to help in the reconstruction of the Gulf Coast area, the company officially opened the center earlier to accommodate businesses.

"The reconstruction effort in the Gulf Coast is a monumental effort and we're doing what we can to help ensure that reliable trucks are available to either help rebuild the area or assist in getting businesses running again," said Dennis Huffmon, Vice President, International Used Truck Organization. "Many businesses in the Gulf Coast had their trucks destroyed and need a durable, cost-effective solution. Whether it is a delivery truck, regional hauler or dump truck, we are providing an easier way for customers to get what they need."

In addition to the new Used Truck Center opening, customers will also receive a special financing package from Navistar Financial Corporation for used trucks. The "No Payments for 90 Days" offer is available to used truck buyers at the Shreveport location that qualify. The program provides no payments for 90 days to assist with getting businesses back online.

"In addition to the company's relief efforts, we are providing the next step for businesses in the area to catch a break on acquiring the trucks they need to get their jobs done as efficiently as possible," said Scott Brockman, Manager, International Used Truck Center Shreveport.

The deferred finance program is for all used trucks in stock at the Shreveport Used Truck Center. All Finance Sales Proposals must be approved by November 30, 2005.

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