International brings back PayStar

International Truck and Engine Corp has reintroduced the International PayStar. The brand name for all International 5000 Series trucks will be PayStar.

The new International PayStar lightweight mixer packages feature a lighter-weight design that maintains durability, letting users haul more payload and still meet federal bridge formula limits.

The new International PayStar will feature a lighter weight primarily because of the introduction of a new engine: the Cummins ISL with 330 horsepower. The lightweight design and 12-inch frame allows customers to haul 10 yards of concrete legally (a 7.5% payload increase over the previous design) for the PayStar 5500 model. For the PayStar 5600 model, 11 yards can legally be carried (a 6.8% boost in payload capacity).

Other weight-saving features include a McNeilus Revolution Barrel that weighs about 2,000 pounds less than other types of barrels. The PayStar also features aluminum wheels and hubs and a centrifuge drum to keep truck weight low.

In the late 1970s, International's severe-service trucks and tractors were introduced under the PayStar name to fit with the company's line of Transtar, Fleetstar, Loadstar, and Cargostar trucks. Many customers associated the PayStar name with the personality of the International trucks. Several of International's severe-service vehicles carried the Paystar moniker until 1998, when they were renamed the 5000 Series, which included the International 5500, 5600, and 5900 trucks.

For more details, contact International, Chicago IL.

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