Humbaur enhances heavy-duty trailers

Humbaur GmbH extends the spectrum of its heavy-duty trailers with new model developments and improved standard equipment levels. The focus is on properties important to the construction industry: more payload, simplified load-securing, and corrosion protection.

The new tandem flatbed trailer HS 504020 BS with a permissible total weight of 5.0 tonnes optimizes the transport capabilities for construction machinery as a result of its low tare weight. This hot-dip galvanized trailer conveys a maximum payload of 3.5 tonnes — and cost-effectively on German autobahns, toll-free, with a 7.49-tonne tractor unit. The bolted chassis frame and body also simplifies the trailer by permitting quicker replacement of individual components. The tandem flatbed trailer can also be supplied in the listed variant HS 654020 BS with a permissible total weight of 6.5 tonnes. Standard equipment of both trailers also includes recessed lashing points, access ramps with mesh grating covers, and a drawbar infinitely adjustable in height.

Humbaur's HBT range of tandem flatbed trailers for material and construction machine transport now have anodized aluminium drop sides. They increase the payload as a result of their low weight and are also corrosion-resistant. In addition, the chassis frame is hot-dip galvanized. Standard recessed lashing points for simplified load-securing are also characteristics of the HBT range.

Corrosion protection is also at the centre of attention on the tandem three-way tippers from the Humbaur HTK model range: The tipping bridge has nano-ceramic cathodic dip paint coating - for optimum protection in locations where the paint gun cannot reach. On request, the tipper can be fitted with an update kit having 6t recessed lashing points as standard and a reinforced bridge which permits higher point loads.

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