Hobart Brothers offers redesigned website

Hobart Brothers has launched a fully redesigned website: www.hobartbrothers.com.

In addition to featuring a new look, the website has improved navigation options and product search features. Visitors can search for filler metals by American Welding Society (AWS) classification, product name, part number, or brand. They can use one of the website's interactive tools to obtain filler metal recommendations for a specific application. The website also features more detailed product information, including package availability and agency approval documentation for specified products.

The website also allows visitors to locate their nearest Hobart Brothers' distributor in North America by entering their ZIP code, city and state (or providence), or internationally by selecting a country from a drop-down menu.

For those interested in filler metal safety, the website offers the option to subscribe for notification of safety updates on products, and it features multiple safety bulletin and MSDS downloads. Additional downloads are available for Hobart Brothers product catalogs and product reference charts.

A pressroom offers articles that discuss a variety of welding and filler metal topics, and provide customer testimonials about Hobart Brothers products. This area of the site also has press releases for new products.

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