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Heil Environmental makes some big improvements to smallest side loader

Heil Environmental has updated its Retriever Satellite side loader to make it more durable, low-maintenance, and operator-friendly.

The Retriever Satellite is a small side loader used in parks and recreation areas, airports, tight alleys, gated communities, and other routes where a full-size refuse collection vehicle won't fit. Many customers also use it as a back-up vehicle or for collecting missed stops. Dual hopper doors enable loading from either side, and cart lifters can be added to one or both sides for semi-automated collection. Its patented transfer system makes it possible to unload the Retriever into a full-size rear loader, minimizing trips to the disposal site.

Heil redesigned the Retriever's double-packing system to tighten up the tolerances for more uniform performance. The product design team also added wear bars to reduce premature floor and body side wear. Ram cylinder mounts were redesigned to provide maximum clearance to load the hopper and prevent any material from accumulating on the ram and blowing out of the hopper while on route.

New Service Smart features include access covers for ram cylinder pin installation and service, and remote grease fittings for convenient pin lubrication. Hydraulic hoses have been carefully routed and securely constrained with articulating brackets to prevent interference and excessive wear. The packing system delivers payloads of up to 800 pounds per cubic yard with a cycle time of 14 to 16 seconds.

The Retriever is available in 6- and 10-cubic-yard models. Because of its small chassis, the Retriever is FET-exempt, and a commercial driver license (CDL) is not required to operate it.

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