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Grote has new line of six side turn lamps

Grote Industries has introduced its new family of six side turn lamps. A variety of mounting designs and connector options make the new lamps suitable for multiple applications including aerodynamic skirts, restricted space between frame rails, and locations where a separate mounting flange is not practical.

The six new LED side turn lamps come in three styles, each with a choice of either male pin or hard shell connectors. The grommet-mount version works well for traditional applications and direct replacement of grommet-mount installations. The integrated flange-mount version is low-profile, easy to install, and comes with a matching mounting pad to absorb stress due to flex from the mounting surface or torque from mounting fasteners. The compact surface-mount version has the smallest footprint, lowest profile, and lightest weight.

The size and shape of the lamps follow up-to-date industrial lighting design trends, including smart, aerodynamic shaping and hidden LED electronic circuitry.

Details, specifications, and operation information for Grote's entire lighting catalog is available at

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