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Grote develops HMMWV dome lamp kit

Grote Industries has completed development of a dome lamp kit, exclusively designed for retrofit use in the US military's high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWVs). This new dome lamp kit employs Grote's LightForm flexible LED lighting film.

LightForm technology enabled Grote to create a low-profile LED dome lamp. The lamps don't project into the cabin, so they pose no hang-up risk or impediment to ingress or egress. The new dome lamp design doesn't require a traditional bezel or lens that would add weight and thickness, nor does it need mounting fasteners that require holes to be drilled.

The flexible lamps come prepared with an advanced, peel-and-stick adhesive backing that makes installation both simple and fast. Each kit includes front and rear lamps with independent on/off switches. Their thin, practical design makes them suited to the utilitarian interior space of HMMWVs.

LightForm dome lamps are designed to provide HMMWV occupants with dual operational lighting modes. The lamps operate in a standard, Grote LED WhiteLight illumination mode; and a tactical or blackout mode, which uses a combination of red/white or blue/white color LEDs. This allows soldiers to see outside the vehicle, while limiting their detection by opposing forces.

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