Great Dane Trailers, Hyundai Translead begin factory installs of VeriWise

GE's Trailer Fleet Services business has signed agreements with both Great Dane Trailers and Hyundai Translead to begin performing factory installations of VeriWise Asset Intelligence systems. The units will be installed on current model year trailers GE has ordered at the request of its lease customers.

"Our long-term lease customers clearly recognize the value of asset tracking on their trailers, and they want it from 'Day One' on the new units we supply to them," said Bob Williams, senior vice president of Sales at GE's Devon, Pa., -based Trailer Fleet Services business (formerly TIP).

"This factory install program will speed up the productivity, safety and security benefits that our customers can enjoy from using VeriWise."

Chris Hammond, vice president of Dealer Sales for Great Dane Trailers, noted, "We're pleased to assist a longtime customer like GE in meeting its own customers' requests for VeriWise."

Glenn Harney, Senior vice president of Sales & Marketing for Hyundai Translead, said, "New technology is now making trailers truly 'smart' assets - able to tell shippers and carriers alike the location and condition of loads, especially important when the trailer is untethered."

Once the new trailers are installed with VeriWise, they can be remotely activated to transmit a wide variety of information using the optional sensor array also available from GE. This includes cargo and door sensors.

Cargo sensors are one of the most frequently requested asset tracking features. This device uses a special sensor to virtually "show" customers the inside of their trailer via a web interface. By enabling fleets to monitor shipments in transit, and generating reports when cargo status changes from loaded to empty, or vice versa, it can help to improve trailer utilization and increase security.

Door sensors enable event reporting with location, time and date of a trailer's door opening or closing. It can be used to provide more detail about trailer activity as well as to improve security. It is compatible with both swing and roll doors.

GE's convenient web and XML-based data analytical features also speed decision-making for asset and logistics managers at carriers.

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