Goodyear adds SmartWay-verified tires

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has broadened its line of EPA SmartWay Verified Technology tires with the new G662 RSA Fuel Max. The tire is also California Air Resources Board-compliant.

Besides promoting fuel efficiency, the G662 RSA Fuel Max is a rugged all-position regional tire with a deep tread, enhanced tread design, and scrub-resistant compounds to help maximize tire life in urban and regional driving conditions.

The G662 RSA joins Goodyear's EPA SmartWay Verified Technology long-haul tires (the G395 LHS steer, G305 LHD drive, and G316 LHT trail), plus Dunlop's FM series for long-haul (SP 384 FM steer tire, SP 456 FM drive tire, and SP 193 FM trail). The G662 RSA Fuel Max is also Goodyear's first regional tire to offer a pressure distribution groove to spread weight on the tread for enhanced uniform wear.

The tire has a 22/32-inch tread depth, 2/32 inches deeper than previous Goodyear regional tires. It has Goodyear's TredLock Technology, featuring interlocking microgrooves.

“When the truck is running straight, the TredLock pattern is separated, which provides enhanced traction in wet weather conditions,” said Donn Kramer, the firm's director of marketing for commercial tires. “But on a turn, those microgrooves come together and interlock to create a block — stabilizing the tread to help prevent irregular wear.”

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