GM Issues New-Style Box Removal Bulletin

GM released a technical bulletin upgrading its pickup box removal guidelines and highlighting new part numbers for fuel filler and brake light assemblies designed for the new-style Sierra and Silverado pickups. The new guidelines offer the manufacturer and upfitter industries an approved and retroactive pickup box removal program for the new-style GM light duty truck.

Under GM upfitter integration (UI) bulletin UI-28 (NTEA bulletin T99-6), 1999 new-style Sierra and Silverado trucks equipped with the eight foot box are eligible for approved box removal under the revised GM guidelines. Specific model series includes the C/K -903 and-953.

Diagramed in the GM bulletin is the recommended fuel filler pipe and filler assembly bracket modification information. The information is directly comparable to the old-style fuel and tail lamp removal/assembly information; however, be aware that there are part number changes for the new-style product.

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