Glass-hauling trailer a merger of expertise

Kalyn Siebert, a subsidiary of Heil Trailer International, has introduced its new glass-hauling trailer to the market, in cooperation with EastBridge Trailers of Knoxville TN.

Working with EastBridge trailer sales (owned by Moore Freight Services), Kalyn Siebert's district sales manager Tony Yaw developed market requirements and specifications in a joint nine-month development effort. The first of 12 trailers rolled off the assembly line recently.

The new double-drop glass hauler trailer was designed with a 50,000-lb weight rating, which includes a major load bearing section distributed on the main deck. Kalyn Siebert leveraged Heil's trailer manufacturing and welding expertise to use lightweight aluminum components in conjunction with a steel core. Front, center, and rear decks were built with safety in mind, allowing drivers to work around the glass racks and tarps worry-free. Aluminum crossmembers, outer rails, flooring, wheels, and steel drums were used for strength and weight savings. The target trailer tare weight was 10,000 pounds.

Moore Freight was involved in the entire design process and furnished the A-frame for the custom-designed drop deck trailer and its tarping system. The project was managed with Heil Trailer's phase gate management program that solicits customer input and review at each step of the design process. Because safety is important in strapping and tarping sheet glass, the Roll Tite tarping system is a major factor in the ease and convenience of transporting the load.

With a rack and Roll Tite tarping system already developed, EastBridge looked to Kalyn Siebert for the trailer platform. The companies worked together and developed a trailer with little to no camber to reduce glass breakage, maintain a lighter tare weight, and keep the glass dry.

E-mail Jessica Greene at [email protected] for further information.

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