Freightliner Enhances Business Class M2 106V

Freightliner Trucks showcased the new improvements made to the Business Class M2 106V at the Work Truck Show. The Business Class M2 106V boasts updated features that enhance performance and efficiency while also accommodating the new 2010 emissions requirements.

The versatile Business Class M2 106V is ideal for medium- and heavy-duty vocational applications requiring a front engine PTO and front-frame extensions, such as refuse collection, snow plowing, crane and utility operations and fire/emergency needs.

“With the enhancements we’ve made to the Business Class M2 106V, we have the next generation of one of our most versatile vocational trucks,” said Melissa Clausen, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks. “We’ve further extended the options for our vocational customers while meeting the stringent 2010 emissions standards.”

New features including a larger radiator, new hood and improved headlight system further enhance the truck’s versatility and performance.

“We took a close look at what our customers want in a heavy-duty vocational truck, and made the right enhancements to accommodate their needs,” said Clausen.

Specific highlights include:

Larger radiator capacity. The Business Class M2 106V’s new 1,200 square-inch radiator can accommodate up to 380hp with automatic transmission and up to 80,000 pounds GVW. The radiator is mounted to the engine and sits above the top of the frame, allowing for optimal cooling and reliability. This also allows the front engine PTO shaft to run below the radiator.

Improved headlight system. The composite headlights feature complex reflectors with halogen bulbs. The bulbs are easy to replace and available at auto and truck supply stores. An upgrade over previous sealed beam headlights, this system provides superior lighting performance.

Blend-Air Engine Air Intake system.The truck’s new Blend-Air intake system pulls air from under and outside the hood, which helps the stream of air when snow and debris may otherwise constrict airflow.

Front-frame rail extensions. Front-frame rail extensions are integral rather than bolted on, allowing for a constant resistance bending moment (RBM) from the front of the frame extension to the end of the rail. The straight front frame rail extensions are standard, and available in 6-inch and 24-inch lengths, providing a solid mounting point for hydraulic pumps, winches, front stabilizers and snowplows.

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