Former First Lady Barbara Bush Speaks To NTEA Membership

FORMER FIRST LADY Barbara Bush provided the keynote address at this year's National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mrs. Bush brought a style all her own when she addressed the 35th annual NTEA Convention. The Former First Lady spoke to a capacity-filled grand ballroom during the President's Breakfast & Annual Meeting held February 25th.

Antidotal humor was the vehicle that Barbara Bush chose to convey the message highlighting the importance of family. As Mrs. Bush spoke about lessons learned from 35 years of being married to a national political figure, she stated, "George and I have learned a country is only as strong as its family." Mrs. Bush then explained that the members of the NTEA formed a family. Bush reinforced the importance of these family ties as the NTEA is Driving Into The Future (the keynote theme for this year's NTEA convention).

Transport Experienced

The Former First Lady indicated that she and Former President Bush had moved some 34 times during the couple's years in public service. "This makes me the owner of more broken china than anyone else in America," she said.

Barbara Bush is not a stranger to the transportation industry and the important role that it plays. Mrs. Bush recited some of the important transportation legislation that her husband worked on during his years of public service. Also known to Barbara Bush was the importance of the Federal Highway System during the Desert Storm mobilization process.

A Passion for Adult Literacy

"A child who attends school from first grade through high school graduation will only spend 9% of that child's time in school," she said. Further statistics indicate that a child will have watched on average, 5,000 hours of television before kindergarten.

"Making certain that children understand the messages you are trying to send," she said.

Barbara Bush is involved with many literacy groups, including the National Advisory Council of Literacy Volunteers of America, Laubauch Literacy Volunteers, the Advisory Council of Reading is Fundamental, and the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. She has served as an honorary board member of the Business Council for Effective Literacy, and was honorary chairperson of the National Advisory of Literacy Volunteers of America Inc; United Way's National Committee on Literacy; and Education and Friends of Libraries, USA.

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