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Forestry Trailer with Adjustable Bunk Introduced at ExpoCam '99 in Montreal

The Mutant is a different breed of forestry trailer. As exhibited at the ExpoCam '99 in Montreal, it consists of a decked centerframe plus outrigger stake pockets (bunks) that bring the total width out to 102". These outrigger stake pockets are adjustable along the length of the centerframe, or they are removable. Each galvanized outrigger stake pocket clips onto the top flange of the main beam and bolts to the beam web section. The viking II/logging stakes are fabricated in a tapered shape and galvanized. For a trailer capable of hauling less volume, regular cross-trailer bunks can be fitted on top of the centerframe.

The 48-ft Mutant exhibited at ExpoCam '99 was equipped with four axles in a typical configuration for Quebec-three air-ride axles at the rear plus a forward air-ride air-lift axle. All axles have a .750" wall thickness and 77.5" track.

The Mutant was developed over an 18-month period by Deloupe Inc of Beauce, a small town in southeastern Quebec, some 40 miles from the border of Maine. By specializing in logging trailers, the company has grown 12% annually for the last three years. Annual sales today are about $17 million. Camil Martin, president of Mutant, says that introduction of the Mutant should help the company double its output. He expects the new model to sell well in the United States as well as Canada. Deloupe Inc, 102 rue du Parc Industriel, Saint-Svariste, Beauce-Sud, Quebec, Canada G0M 1S0.

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