Fontaine goes global

Fontaine fifthwheels were displayed prominently at the European Road Transport Show in Amsterdam. However, it did not represent an attempt to export more American products to Europe. Instead, it signaled the start of a campaign to bring European-made fifthwheels to the United States.

The new Fontaine 3000E is a lightweight cast plate with a locking jaw that prevents high hitches, according to Roger Darling, VP business development for Fontaine International in the UK. He describes the 3000E as the first global fifthwheel. It weighs 119 kg (262 lb).

Fontaine has a 10% market share in Europe and a 63% share of the UK market, Darling says. The 3000E will be introduced in the US market soon, he says. Fontaine International, Enterprise Way, Newton Road, Lowton WA3 2AG, United Kingdom.

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