Fliegl delivers two tippers to Leimbach

Two new tipper semitrailers were delivered to Leimbach by Fliegl Fahrzeugbau GmbH. The 50 cubic-meter dumps are made entirely from aluminium and provide a payload of more than 28.6 tons.

To avoid overloading, an axle load monitor was mounted. This enables the driver to control his semitrailer's load and makes him independent of stationary weight bridges.

The floor is constructed of high-tensile aluminum 6 mm thick in the front and 8 mm in the rear. Side walls with 30-mm hollow-space profiles were also supplied with special top rails.

Rear doors offer a one-third to two-thirds distribution. This enables the trailers to carry agriculture products, for example turnips, and allows loading of pallet goods front and rear. Additionally, a corn gate is added in the middle equipped with a removable dust sack. The semitrailer is fitted with a tarpaulin system.

Chassis construction shows a fully welded aluminum frame. Lift axle operation is governed from inside the cab using an ISO 12098 connection.

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

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