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Ferrara Installing EPA2010 Maxxforce 13 Engines In Inferno, Igniter Chassis

Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc. has begun installing EPA2010-compliant MaxxForce 13 diesel engines in its Inferno and Igniter heavy-duty custom fire chassis. MaxxForce engines are designed, engineered and built by Navistar Engine Group.

“Our company is known as a custom builder of high quality, heavy duty fire apparatus, and MaxxForce engines have a similar, proven record of quality and performance,” Ferrara President/CEO Chris Ferrara said. “The fact that MaxxForce 13 delivers peak torque at a low 1,000 RPM is particularly well-suited to the fire industry.”

The MaxxForce 13 produces 475 horsepower and 1,700 ft-lb torque, making it an excellent selection for custom pumper, tanker, aerial and heavy rescue apparatus. The industry’s best low-end torque is especially critical to emergency rescue operations where every second counts.

“Fire departments across the country have come to rely on our engines in nearly 60 percent of the commercial fire apparatus market,” said Eric Tech, president, Navistar Engine Group. “Now, buyers of Ferrara custom apparatus have the option to put MaxxForce power to work in their fleet.”

EPA 2010-compliant MaxxForce engines use Navistar’s advanced in-cylinder emissions technology that does not require liquid urea. As a result, they provide Ferrara customers with significant “no hassle” operational advantages over liquid-urea SCR-equipped apparatus. These include no additional wheelbase length to accommodate additional tanks, no secondary operating fluid to add (urea), no additional driver training, and ease of maintenance.

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