Fabick coatings help savings accumulate

Fabick Inc, developer of the patented “poured-on” process, also helps the snow removal industry save time, money, and gas. With Fabick's coatings product sprayed onto the face of a plow, snow literally rolls off the face of the plow instead of just being pushed off the road. Therefore, the truck needs less horsepower to move the snow, which in turn saves on fuel.

Since the snow slides off the face of the plow, snow removal operators can plow at a higher speed. They can cast the snow further off the road, helping to reduce the size and height of the snow pile. This results in a safer roadway and shoulders that stay cleaner. The coating also keeps the plow from rusting during the off-season.

For more details, contact Fabick, 4118 Robertson Rd, Madison WI 53714.

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