Extruded hangers reduce trailer weight

East Manufacturing introduced its hollow-core extrusion and smooth sidewall trailers last year. Its new Genesis dump and transfer trailers are designed with the hollow-core extrusions oriented vertically, as seen in this photo.

New at this year's Mid-America Trucking Show was East's Lite-Ride aluminum suspension hanger. In addition to reducing tare weight, the extruded aluminum hanger matches the appearance of the aluminum wheels for image-conscious truckers, says David Tate, president of East Manufacturing. Tate is pictured with one of the new extruded hangers.

The Lite-Ride hanger is available as a bolt-on version for most aluminum frame trailers. The bolt-on version saves over 150 lb per tandem, Tate says. The integrated weld-on option for East frameless dump trailers is over 370 lb lighter than current steel hanger assemblies. East Trailer Manufacturing Corp, P O Box 277, Randolph OH 44265.

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