Enhanced Cyclone II whisks into 2003

Originally brought to market in 1996 and now with several hundred units in service around the world, E-One's Cyclone II chassis has many new features for 2003.

For the cab interior, the officer's seat position has increased fore and aft leg room by 3" for improved spaciousness and comfort. For the driver, a redesigned instrument cluster improves line-of-sight visibility with the dash during routine driving and incident response.

As standard, there are new, strategically located HVAC vents for cab interior cooling. An optional air-conditioning package supplies comfort in higher-heat climates. This package can lower cab interior temperature from 100° F to 75° F in less than 30 minutes.

The new chassis incorporates the latest EPA-approved engines, and in doing so, a stylish, new front cab grille accommodates a larger cooling package. With its roll cage construction, the cab's core or primary structure remains fully intact and far surpasses minimum requirements of the ECE R-29 crashworthiness standard. For more information, contact E-One, PO Box 2710, Ocala FL 34478.
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