Engineering employee income varies widely

While the median annual income reported for engineering department managers/superintendents is $89,232, this varies widely by the number of employees. For example, engineering department managers/superintendents in firms with 50-99 employees have a median annual income of $68,390 versus $109,103 when there are 2,500-9,999 employees. This information comes from a recent survey of employees in the manufacturing field conducted by Dr Steven Langer, president of Abbott, Langer & Associates Inc., Crete IL.

More than 54,000 managerial, supervisory, sales, engineering, technical, clerical, and blue-collar employees in 343 firms participated in the survey, which resulted in the eight-volume report Compensation in Manufacturing, 24th Edition - 2004. Copies of the report are available for $1,250 from Abbott, Langer & Associates, Dept NR, 548 First St,, Crete IL 60417 (telephone 708/672-4200; fax 708/672-4674;

An eight-volume companion report, Compensation in Smaller Manufacturing Firms (those with under 250 employees), is available for $595. Each volume of both reports may be purchased separately. The Findpay Program (which permits the user to determine pay levels of each survey job on the basis of two or more variables simultaneously) is available at $2,250 for software and printed report or $1,995 for software only.

For more information on this report and the other compensation surveys published by Abbott, Langer & Associates, visit

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