E-One delivers two bomb disposal vehicles

Emergency One Inc will be delivering two new decontamination/bomb disposal vehicles to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. E-One helped design the special vehicles, which are equipped to handle various emergency situations.

Members of the bureau worked with E-One engineers to design exterior compartments with roll-up doors, adjustable shelves and pull-out trays. Each truck has a 14-foot E-One extruded aluminum body that combines exterior storage compartments with interior working space.

Compartments on the driver's side carry equipment to deal with chemical and biological agents, including a tank of decontamination solution, pump, and extendible showerhead. The driver's side also has compartments for personal protective gear, SCBA, and other specialized sensors and equipment.

Passenger's side compartments carry bomb disposal equipment. The forward compartment is 6 feet deep and equipped with two 500-lb-capacity pull-out trays for the heavy padded bomb suits. Other compartments on this side include areas for rope, rigging, X-ray equipment, hand tools, and other small gear. A small work table can be pulled out from the body.

The rear has two walk-in access doors to the interior with a full-length ramp that can be pulled out from under the floor to deploy a remote-controlled bomb disposal robot. Pre-connected cable reels next to the rear doors allow the robot to be hooked up to fiber-optic and electrical control cables. The robot is controlled from an operations console built into the interior of the truck. An adjustable seat moves out of the way when not in use.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation will put the first two vehicles in operation immediately and plans to order four more vehicles. When all six units are in operation, two will be assigned to the Atlanta GA metropolitan area, and the remaining four will go to field offices throughout the state.

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