DuraPlate design advances a step sturdier

Wabash National Corp has unveiled its new DuraPlate HD trailer. Drawing on the success of a proven product design, the DuraPlate HD trailer has a base plate design that provides an additional 22" of lower sidewall protection, where it is estimated that 90% of all trailer damage occurs. The DuraPlate HD does not require an interior scuff liner, reducing snagging and other damage costs associated with scuff liner use.

The DuraPlate HD also:

  • Allows for multiple repair methods to be used on the base plate for cost-effective, efficient repairs.

  • Eliminates the need for frequent maintenance and replacement of typical plywood liners.

  • Provides greater resistance against side swipes and other exterior damage occurring at the lower sidewall.

  • Delivers greater protection, thanks to a postless and seamless design.

DuraPlate panels are made from a composite material consisting of a polyethylene plastic core sandwiched between two sheets of pre-painted galvanized steel. Advantages include:

  • Resistance to punctures, scrapes, and buckling.

  • A polyethylene core designed to protect against corrosion and permanent deformation.

  • A postless interior maximizing interior width of 101½".

  • A white interior for a bright, work-friendly environment.

  • A modular panel design enabling easy repairs.

Contact Wabash, PO Box 6129, Lafayette IN 47903 for complete details.

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