Dometic Group expands its line of battery-powered HVAC systems

Dometic Group has an expanded line of battery-powered climate control systems for day-cab tractors, construction trucks, and delivery and utility trucks.

Lou Siegel, senior vice-president of Dometic's trucking business unit, said, “Fleet operators are looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption and air pollution and meet regulatory anti-idle requirements without sacrificing driver comfort. Since our battery-powered systems emit no exhaust, they fully comply with the most stringent clean-air regulations, including those in California.

“For 2010, we are adding to our product line a lower-cost 12-volt DC air-conditioner that can provide up to 3,100 Btus/hour of cooling — ideal for the bunk in a small sleeper or day cab in environments without a heavy heat load,” said Siegel.

Dometic's current battery-powered day-cab 7,000-Btus/hr system consists of an external condensing unit that mounts on the back of the cab or under the truck, and a compact compressor/evaporator/blower unit that fits between the seats. The inside unit has a molded composite cover with multiple adjustable air vents to distribute cool air in the desired direction. A digital thermostat control panel is mounted on top of the unit for easy driver access. The inside and outside units are connected by flexible refrigerant linesets with reusable quick-connect fittings, which are designed to provide automatic charging to the correct pressures at hookup. No additional charging is needed, and no special tools are required for installation.

The Dometic turnkey package includes a 2,000-watt inverter that converts 12-volt battery output to 115-volt AC power to run the air-conditioner, and a 270-amp alternator/regulator that charges the batteries quickly and keeps them fully charged when the engine is running and the truck is moving from terminal to terminal. It uses Group 31 absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries, which replace the truck's existing batteries. All of the components have been carefully chosen, specified, and integrated to meet the operational requirements of day-cab fleets with shorter engine-off and running times.

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