Dolly-neck semitrailer permits tight steering

HEAVY MACHINE transport is made more maneuverable with the new Nicolas Industrie dolly-neck semitrailer. The dolly-neck concept puts the patented dolly right under the removable gooseneck, which tends to reduce the length of the gooseneck and the overall combination. Previous dolly-neck models had used two axle lines. The Nicolas trailer exhibited at the IAA in Hanover has a single 12-tonne (26,460 lb) axle line dolly under the gooseneck and three 12-tonne axle lines at the rear. This gives it a payload capacity of 50 metric tonnes (110,230 lb). Tare weight is 20 tonnes (44,100 lb). Overall length of the semitrailer (dolly included) is 16,030 mm (52.6 ft), and the useful deck length is 6,150 mm (20 ft).

All four axle lines have the same pendular hydraulic suspensions, which give the semitrailer outstanding maneuverability. Each axle has a steering angle of 60° and suspension stroke of 680 mm (26.77"). The elevating gooseneck also has a lifting range of plus-or-minus 220 mm (8.66"). All trailer tires are 285/70R 19.5 single mounted. Running height of the deck is 610 mm (24"). The load ratings are for operation at a speed of 80 kph (50 mph). Nicolas Industrie, BP 3 — RN 6, 89290 Champs-sur-Yonne, France.

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