Demand for versatility driving severe-service market

Independent Trailer Manufacturing said that severe-service fleets especially those in construction, road paving and building, demolition, and waste removal are demanding more versatile equipment. "Versatility is what really sells today," Tom Norcross, regional sales manager of the Kansas City, Mo.-based company said.To meet that need, Independent worked with Fayette, AL-based construction body and trailer maker Ox Bodies to develop a new line of multipurpose trailers for the severe-service market. Its new 26-ft all-steel trailer can carry between 27 and 30 cu. yd. of material weighing up to 80,000 lbs, depending on various state bridge laws, said Norcross. The key, however, is the trailer's specially designed rear door hinge, which allows it to lay asphalt as well as carry boulders. "That's the key today especially in the construction industry - a trailer has to be able to haul boulders, gravel, and sand yet also be able to work in paving operations," he said. "It has to be versatile and durable - that's what customers want today."

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