Death claims Refrigerated Transporter editor

Gary L Macklin, editor-in-chief of Refrigerated Transporter, died unexpectedly at his Houston home February 16. Refrigerated Transporter is a sister publication of Trailer/Body Builders written for those who purchase and operate refrigerated truck bodies and trailers.

Gary dedicated his entire career to the refrigerated transportation industry. He began writing for the magazine in 1972 and was appointed editor in 1973. Of the 42 years that Refrigerated Transporter has existed as a magazine, he was editor for 34 of them.

Ownership of the magazine changed over the years, but Gary was always there, covering industry meetings, visiting refrigerated fleets, and writing about new equipment. He was an active participant in industry associations, appearing on their programs as well as reporting on those meetings. Whether the magazine was owned by Tunnell Publications, Intertec, Primedia, or Prism Business Media, Gary remained at the helm of Refrigerated Transporter, providing information that he felt would impact his readers.

Prior to joining Tunnell Publications (Refrigerated Transporter’s original publisher), Gary served as an officer with the US Army Field Artillery at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

He earned degrees in English and history from TexasChristianUniversity in Fort Worth, Texas, including graduate study in British literature and the history of Eastern Europe. He completed his BA degrees in 1967 and continued his studies until entering military service in 1970.

He is survived by his wife, Sally; two daughters, Katharine Macklin Day and Elizabeth Macklin; son-in-law Jason Day; and grandchildren Rebekah, Joshua, and Nathaniel Day.

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