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CV registrations still at near-record levels, but growth now past its peak

Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show commercial vehicle registrations over the rolling year to the end of November were 387,671 -- on par with the figures for the same period last year, according to Transport News Brief.

Year-to-date totals were down 0.6% and those for the month of November dropped 8.9%. Totals are still at near-record levels, but growth is now probably past its peak.

“Total CV registrations stayed at near-record levels through 2005 and should hold close to 2004 volumes,” said Christopher Macgowan, SMMT chief executive. “Consumer caution in an economically tougher year has dented business confidence and slowed investment a little. High energy costs will carry this into 2006, but we're confident that business confidence will return next year.”

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