Cummins offers Clean Idle Certified engines

Cummins Inc. is offering Clean Idle Certified on-highway engines, meeting the new California Air Resources Board's (CARB) idle reduction regulation. The Cummins full lineup of on-highway engines — including the ISX, ISM, ISL, ISC, and ISB — meet this new regulation by generating less than 30-g/hour nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions at idle.

Effective immediately, Cummins customers can now specify a 50-state Clean Idle Certified engine option when ordering a new vehicle. In addition, customers now also have the option, through their local Cummins distributor, to update existing 2007 engines to meet the 50-state Clean Idle Certified status.

Cummins' ability to offer Clean Idle engines complements and supports other available electronic engine features such as the programmable idle shutdown timer. Together these features help reduce a customer's idle time and fuel consumption, thus only allowing idling for those periods where a driver needs cab comfort while logged out of service.

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