Cummins ISM gets approved

Cummins Inc. announced today that it had received unconditional certification for its heavy-duty ISM engine from the EPA. The approval certifies that the ISM complies with the strict new emission standards agreed upon by the industry. "The ISM certification gives Cummins customers a complete line of certified and compliant heavy-duty engines to choose from, without concern for paying penalties," said Thomas Kieffer, Cummins executive director - marketing. Cummins said the 11-liter ISM engine comes with hp ranging from 280-hp to 385-hp and complements the ISX product. This ISM is included in the company's Uptime Guarantee program, which was recently announced to assure buyers the new engines will meet and exceed customer performance and reliability needs. Under the guarantee, if any part on a customer's ISX or ISM engine fails and can't be repaired within a 24-hour period, Cummins will reimburse the costs of a rental vehicle.

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