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Cummins achieves engine emission standard

Cummins Inc announced that it has shipped the first of its on-highway engines certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the 2.5-gram NOx + NMHC standard that takes effect in October 2002. The first engines were shipped to International Truck and Engine Corp.

In issuing its certification, the EPA also affirmed the use of Auxiliary Emissions Control Devices (AECD) as submitted by Cummins. AECDs are permitted by law when limited engine protection is necessary under certain operating conditions. AECDs are approved as part of the EPA regulations and certification process.

In 1998, a group of manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel engines, including Cummins, signed a consent decree with the EPA and Department of Justice. At that time, engine manufacturers made a commitment to meet the January 2004, 2.5-gram NOx + NMHC standards by October 2002, as part of a “pull-ahead provision.”

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